Clipperton College Library’s revised website

Final changes have been made to the Clipperton College Library web site as per the principles request.

  • Page headings and paragraph titles have been changed to Verdana font in the colour #6600cc. This was easily edited under Theme > Change Fonts > Headline / Paragraph Titles. Links that were initially on paragraph titles had to be removed otherwise they remained default black. For some reason not all titles changed when I made the adjustments so I had to edit each title (that hadn’t already been altered) individually.
  • The school logo has been embedded into the website however it isn’t positioned right next to the heading. The theme connects the logo to the main menu side bar. I tested it with other themes and they were usually positioned above the heading. Hope it suffices.
  • All links are now in bold text. I attempted to change the text to capital letters but the theme didn’t allow it (and probably wouldn’t have looked very good anyway). The link now changes colour to #6600cc when the cursor hovers over the text. Button links now have enlarged text and capital letters.

The principle also requested that headers take up minimal space. I had already designed it so the page had short headers, so I left them as is.

The final result can be seen here.


Integrate social web technologies: achieved!

As of Wednesday, the class has managed to achieve the main goal of (ICAWEB417A) by integrating social web technologies into our blogs. There were a number of different methods we recognised as a social functionality and worked together at embedding links or exploring their settings.

Each social web technology fell under one of two categories, internal functioning (administered by the sites creator) or external functioning (contributed to by website visitors).

Internal social web technologies

  • Embed twitter feed
  • Link to social media accounts
  • Share posts to other social media accounts that are administered by the same creator

External social web technologies

  • Re-blogging posts from one site to another
  • Share posts onto other social media accounts
  • Comments posted on blog posts
  • Visitors can “like” blog posts
  •  Contact via email or built in contact form

All of these social web functions have been integrated and are evident in different areas of my site, primarily in the sidebar or within each post. Some technologies were a default setting, such as the comments section, but can be adjusted in My Site administration.

Chronicles of Clipperton College V

A few minor changes made today:

  • Added more buttons to pages for clearer direction
  • Created and embedded a school logo

Also played around with the slideshow and gallery functions for a recommended reads feature either in the Read section or homepage but encountered problems with formatting, or otherwise felt it was too cluttered.

Chronicles of Clipperton College IV

Today’s changes to the Clipperton Library web site.


  • Welcome message
  • Small instruction added to the catalogue search bar


  • Brief description under Catalogue, Databases, Libguides


  • Advanced search of Author, Title, Subject, Series using the contact form
  • Brief instruction of how to search


  • Adjustments made to instructions
  • More links added
  • Descriptions of the databases


  • Links to actual school libguides added by year and subject


  • Removed collage image of book covers under New Books
  • Added text under New Books, Book Reviews and Reading Guides

Book Reviews:

  • Links to student and staff reviews via Inside a Dog and Readings

Reading Guides:

  • Added more links to the Reading Guides page


  • Descriptions added under Study Help, Plagiarism ad Bibliographies

Study Help:

  • Added links to research, study and essay writing resources


  • Links to resources added
  • Embedded YouTube video
  • Definitions of plagiarism


  • Added image of Harvard referencing
  • Links and descriptions of resources including online bibliography tools

What’s On

  • Removed images, descriptions
  • Simplified with a table (using free app download Simple Table) listing dates and events


  • Added links to (Scotch College Library) mission statement, borrowing policy, facilities, expected behaviour pages
  • Amended library staff and hours

Contact Us

  • Edited text format


  • Changed ‘Contribute to the library page’, separated into Volunteer and Donate – no content added.

Still to do … 

  • Create simple logo OR just add text option
  • Add content to Volunteer and Donate pages




Chronicles of Clipperton College III

Recent developments on my school website:

  • Connected social links Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Book related quote added in Read
  • Collaged image of the New Books section on the Read page
  • New Books have images, headings and text of new YA books in the library’s collection.
  • Linked headings and text in the Reading Guides section and
  • general tidying of original template items.

Victoria University Training Program

Tomorrow VU Library is providing training on How social media can support research at the Footscray Park campus. Interesting to see the library integrating social media into their study support programs.

For more information check out the link below.

How social media can support research at VU Footscray Park

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV)

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) archives documentation, maps and audiovisual material for the State Government of Victoria. They currently store approximately 100 km of physical records dating back to the 1830s that are slowly being updated by volunteers through digitisation and conservation programs, easing access to their collection for the Victorian public. The video below explains the services available at PROV and how researchers can make the most of their studies.

Check out the PROVchannel on Youtube to see more information on how to access the public records online and for valuable discussions on the history of our state.